Best jurisdiction for Melania to dump Trump?

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Assuming Melania wishes to divorce Trump, what's the best jurisdiction for her to
do this, assuming she wishes to maximize financial return and child support for
Barron? Available choices might be Florida (where they got married), NY
(presumably still plausible if she leaves the White House) or DC.

-- J. Peterson, September 13, 2018


"child support for Barron" doesn't really make sense. Child support is paid to the adult plaintiff. I have heard experienced litigators in Massachusetts, for example, slip and say (to judges) "child support for the mother".

New York is not a great state for a child support plaintiff. It is difficult to get more than about $100,000 per year. Child support is potentially unlimited in D.C., so that is potentially a much more lucrative jurisdiction. For busting open a prenuptial agreement, a future plaintiff would do well to persuade the target defendant to agree to a move to Massachusetts where judges are more likely to invalidate.

-- Philip Greenspun, December 6, 2018