Suburban life with SUVs

Just another day in the Boston suburbs with the family SUV… (story).

This SUV story from Qatar shows that ours is a global culture.

Finally there is Malcolm Gladwell’s recent New Yorker article with stats showing that drivers are vastly safer inside a minivan than inside an SUV (not to mention the fact that people outside the vehicle are much more likely to be harmed by an SUV).

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“To Do or to Have? That is the Question”

A recent posting on the subject of Panamanian married couples who drive older cars but hire live-in nannies to help with their children sparked quite a few comments.  Alex Chernavsky sent in this newspaper story about research done by social psychologists, the conclusion of which was that if you’re going to spend money you should buy an experience, e.g., dinner out with friends or a vacation trip, rather than a new car.  The full paper is an interesting read as well.

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