Ecommerce Subsystem

part of the ArsDigita Community System by Eve Andersson
This module implements all the IT needs for a standard business-to-consumer Web service. Most importantly, it is tightly integrated with the rest of the ArsDigita Community System. This enables the site administrator to run a single Oracle query to "find users who have participated in the discussion forum on at least ten separate occasions but who have not bought anything yet", then spam those folks with gift certificates.

In addition to the standard shopping cart and real-time credit card billing that you'd expect in any ecommerce system, this module provides a customer service submodule (call center support), security, user tracking, gift certificates, mailing lists, an auditing system, order fulfillment, order tracking, special offers, and online reporting, among other features detailed in the overview below.

  1. Two overviews: for MBAs | feature-by-feature
  2. Setting up your ecommerce site
  3. Operation of your ecommerce site
  4. The Customer Service submodule
  5. Technical details
If you just want to sell a handful of items and not build a full online community, you're probably better off starting with ArsDigita Shoppe, downloadable from If what you want to sell is conference or course registration, we'll be adding those features to the ACS soon but meanwhile we do have the source code for This code has been used to process thousands of course and marathon registrations.