Here's something I wrote to my research group at MIT after Sky died....

Those of you who came to know Sky over the years will perhaps have noted
her absence from Tech Square in the previous eight months.  Sky was
diagnosed with lupus last fall and, although we saw a series of
vets who agreed that she should be treatable, nothing I could do for her
seemed to help.  I had to put Sky on steroids and the side effects plus
the lupus crushed her spirit and energy.

Sky had a diabetic attack last Tuesday night, lost consciousness, and
had to go into intensive care at Angell Memorial (where her brother
George died).  She seemed to be recovering fairly well, but on Friday
her pancreas may have burst and she died.

Sky was my grandfather's dog, my dog, and ultimately everyone's dog.
She loved babies, puppies, children, other dogs, and grownups.  She
tolerated hair pulling by babies, grabbing by older children, and
painful veterinary procedures without once growling.  If Sky didn't have
the depth of character that her brother George had, she was the sweetest
and most beautiful dog anyone could have asked for.

Sky would have been 11 in August.

Reader's Comments

I got to see sky only a few weeks ago on a picture. I was told that she wasnt with us anymore and i thought right a way that it must have been a huge shock for her owner because even if i was only 5 when she left us I knew only from one picture she was a very spiritaul and inteligent dog. I i would have loved to know her.

-- Fedor Heymann, August 21, 2004
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