Cirrus SR22T Transition and Engine Management

by Philip Greenspun, ATP-CFII; April 2019

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This is for pilots who know how to fly an SR22 and was prompted by our flight school's acquisition of a beautiful SR22T-G5.

Cheat Sheet

Cirrus makes it easy to download the latest POH applicable to any serial number from the company web site. Unfortnately, the differences between the SR22 and SR22T are scattered across multiple pages. Here are some of those differences, based on the POH for s/n 0535, a 2013 G5 airplane. Recommended airspeeds that are different (or critical): CFIs: Remind pilots to include top left of PFD in their scan. Unlike on any other aircraft, Cirrus puts the current power setting right there. No need to look at MFD. Also, remind to press the red A/P disconnect before every landing to ensure that the yaw damper is off (automated on the G6).


Text and photo Copyright 2019 Philip Greenspun. (Full disclosure: top photo is of a 9-year-old flying a Cirrus SR20.)