Helicopter Instructor Wanted

by Philip Greenspun, East Coast Aero Club, updated June 2019

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We are looking for exceptional helicopter CFIs for East Coast Aero Club, a 34-year-old flight school based at Hanscom Field (BED) in the Boston area. You should expect to fly at least 550 hours per year, all in the Robinson R44. One of our full-time instructors moved on/up (to Papillon and the EC130 in the Grand Canyon), thus creating an opening.

What You Will Do

About Us

We have

About You

You should have a Helicopter CFII with an SFAR 73 endorsement to instruct in the R44. (If you're short a few hours, you can build time with us at a reduced rate.)

You should have a strong technical education and be able to explain aerodynamics and maneuvers with authority (see our instructional videos). We have built our reputation on having superior teachers and we would expect you to maintain that, working hard to earn the respect of our students.

If you are an experienced fixed-wing pilot, you can also fly our a fleet of airplanes, which includes air-conditioned Cirrus SR22s an aerobatic Super Decathlon.

This is an ideal job for someone what wants to live in the Boston area and be at an airport where standards are extremely high.

Training (for you)

Your recurrent training, provided at no charge to you for instructor or helicopter time, will be flying an R44 with one of our senior instructors doing the kinds of unusual autorotations and throttle chops that you might have done during your Robinson factory safety course flight.

How to Apply

Email a cover letter and your resume (preferably in plain text or HTML format) to our founder and president, mark@ecacbed.com, with a subject line of "helicopter instructor application".