Infrared Photography Handbook

a review by Philip Greenspun; created 1998

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Infrared Photography Handbook by Laurie White, 1996 Amherst Media. ISBN 0-936262-38-9. 108 pages. You can order this book from .

This book might more properly be titled "Photography with Kodak High Speed (B&W) Infrared Film". The first 60 pages are devoted to clear tutorial with some excellent graphs of spectral response. Laurie White explains clearly the difference between Kodak and Konica IR film. The Kodak is fast, grainy, and responds along a continuum of wavelengths. The Konica has two spectral humps of response and tends to result in much higher contrast. It is much finer grained but at the cost of four stops of speed. White makes it clear that she prefers the Kodak product and uses it almost exclusively. Certainly her results, presented and explained in the last 30 pages of the book, are inspiring.

The one glaring weakness in the book is the lack of tips for using infrared film with electronic flash.

I've burned through a few rolls of the Konica IR film and yet learned much more about it from reading White's book than from my experience. I can highly recommend this book to anyone who is beginning to experiment with B&W infrared film.