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Snapshots from the Minolta Freedom Zoom by Philip Greenspun; created 1995

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Are the results from a point and shoot camera "publication quality"? Sure. SOMA Magazine found the photo at right in one of my New York pages. To capture the strange clear glass doors in front of the bathroom stalls (they turn opaque with electric current), I turned off the flash on the T4 and steadied myself against a wall. I'm pretty sure that I was using Fuji ISO 400 color negative film. Anyway, it turned out to be the photo that SOMA needed for its article.

The rest of my photos

Money for beer. Times Square, 1995.

Times Square. Lens set at 35. Flash off. Fuji 400 Super G+.

Taxi Driver. Manhattan 1995.

New York cab driver. Fill flash used to balance interior and exterior illumination. Lens set at 28. Fuji Sensia slide film.

Nathan's. Coney Island.

Nathan's original hot dog stand at Coney Island. Lens set at 28, flash off, Fuji Sensia slide film.

Sunglasses & ferris wheel. Coney Island.

Coney Island. Lens set at 28?, flash on, Fuji Sensia slide film.

Virginia. Queens, New York.

On-camera flash ruins just about every picture and this is no exception. Lens set at 50. Note green background from fluorescent light, correctly color balanced foreground from flash. Fuji 400 print film.

Manhattan 1995.

Ecuadoran girl, age 12, at an Upper West Side street fair. Lens set at 50?. Fuji 400 Super G+.

Rollerblader. Manhattan 1995.

New Rollerblades on Broadway (at Columbus Circle), flash on. Fuji 400 Super G+.

Soho door. Manhattan 1995.

Door in Soho. Lens set at 50. Flash off. Fuji 400 Super G+.

Text and pictures copyright 1995 Philip Greenspun