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part of Software Engineering for Internet Applications by Eve Andersson, Philip Greenspun, and Andrew Grumet

Eve Andersson

Eve is Senior Vice President and Chair of the Bachelor of Science in Computer Science at Neumont University in Salt Lake City, Utah. She has engineered dozens of enterprise Web applications and a handful of voice applications. Her open-source software for building online communities and e-commerce sites has been adopted by thousands of Internet application operators worldwide. Eve is a co-author of Early Adopter VoiceXML (Wrox Press, 2001).

Eve holds a B.S. from Caltech in Engineering and Applied Science, and an M.S. from U.C. Berkeley in Mechanical Engineering (1998). She was Visiting Professor of Computer Science at Galileo University in Guatemala in 2002, where she led the development of the university's learning management system. She can recite the first few hundred digits of pi from memory, although she confesses that she knows fewer than 100 digits of e. More: eveandersson.com.

Philip Greenspun

Philip has been in and around the Massachusetts Institute of Technology since 1979. In addition to teaching Software Engineering for Internet Applications, the course in which this text is used, he has helped teach many of the core electrical engineering classes, including circuits, signals and systems, and probability theory. Greenspun holds a commercial pilot's certificate with instrument, multi-engine, seaplane, and helicopter ratings and has flown small aircraft across most of the North American continent and portions of three other continents.

In the mid-1990s, Greenspun founded the Scalable Systems for Online Communities research group at MIT and spun it out into a profitable $20 million (revenue) open-source enterprise software company. Greenspun has participated in the design and engineering of more than 200 collaborative Internet applications. More: philip.greenspun.com.

Andrew Grumet

Andrew holds a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from MIT. He has been building database-backed Internet applications since 1999, leading development teams that built systems for Hewlett-Packard Company, the World Bank, and MIT Sloan School of Management. He is the author of a standard open-source toolkit for building mobile applications, and the applications that he developed are in daily use by more than 100,000 people.

As of May 2003, Andrew is the technical architect for iLearn, a collaborative effort of the Sloan School and Microsoft to build innovative educational software using the .NET Development Framework. More: grumet.net.

Cesar Brea

Cesar contributed primarily to the reference chapter on engagement management. After undergraduate life at Harvard, Cesar received an MBA from Dartmouth's Tuck School. He has been a banker, management consultant at Bain, head of marketing for a $30 million software business, head of sales and marketing at Razorfish until its acquisition by SBI, and is now CEO of Contact Network Corporation, a Boston-based enterprise software firm.

Cesar serves on the Executive Board of the .LRN Consortium (dotlrn.org), and is a frequent writer and speaker on enterprise software strategy and high-technology marketing.

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