part of Software Engineering for Internet Applications by Eve Andersson, Philip Greenspun, and Andrew Grumet
The book is an outgrowth of six semesters of teaching experience at MIT and other universities. So our first thanks must go to our students, who taught us what worked and what didn't work. It is a privilege to teach at MIT, and every instructor should have the opportunity once in a lifetime.

We did not teach alone. Hal Abelson and the late Michael Dertouzos were our partners on the lecture podium. Hal was Mr. Pedagogy and also pushed the distributed computing ideas to the fore. Michael gave us an early push into voice applications. Lydia Sandon was our first teaching assistant. Ben Adida was our TA at MIT in the fall of 2003 when this book took its final pre-print shakedown cruise.

In semesters where we did not have a full-time TA, the students' most valuable partners were their industry mentors, most of whom were MIT alumni volunteering their time: David Abercrombie, Tracy Adams, Ben Adida, Mike Bonnet, Christian Brechbuhler, James Buszard-Welcher, Bryan Che, Bruce Keilin, Chris McEniry, Henry Minsky, Neil Mayle, Dan Parker, Richard Perng, Lydia Sandon, Mike Shurpik, Steve Strassman, Jessica Wong, and certainly a few more whose names have slipped from our memory.

We've gotten valuable feedback from instructors at other universities using these materials, notably Aurelius Prochazka at Caltech and Oscar Bonilla at Universidad Galileo.

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