Cat being walked in Stockholm

Practical Information

about Stockholm

by Eve Andersson

Garbage can near Stadshuset in Stockholm
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Stockholm, Sweden, viewed from Millesgarden


Although Stockholm is nothing like northern Sweden (where I had to wear a wool sweater in mid-summer), be prepared for a little rain, even in the summer. And check the Yahoo weather forecast first.

Stockholm viewed from Stadshuset


In Stockholm, you can take the T (the subway), the tram, buses, or cabs. You don't need to rent a car. Public transportation is clean, safe, and comfortable. Some of the tourist trams don't start running until 10:00am. The cabs cost about the same as they do in the United States. Boat transportation is also available.

Travelers sleeping outside central train station in Stockholm (which is locked at night)

Planning your trip

The Stockhom CityGuide has a ton of practical information on where to stay, what to see, where to exchange money, what to do in case of emergency, etc.
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