Millesgarden. Stockholm, Sweden

One-day ACS Course

part of Teaching by Philip Greenspun

This is really more of a users group meeting than a traditional course. We'll have some demonstrations and instruction but a big part of the idea is to get everyone together in one room.

The long term goal is to have one every quarter on each coast:

  • October: Boston
  • January: Boston
  • April: Boston
  • July: Boston
  • December: San Francisco
  • March: San Francisco
  • June: San Francisco
  • September: San Francisco

We will always have the more general one-day Web application design class one day before this ACS meeting. This way if you're flying in with some new people in your organization, they can come up to speed on the basics without making an extra trip.

What You'll Learn

Volcano.  Mirage Hotel.  The Strip.  Las Vegas, Nevada.


  • Register: at (or call (800) 621-6106).