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Woodstock, Vermont is everyone's favorite restored New England town. It is pretty well filled up with tour buses and a little too scrubbed to be all that interesting a photographic subject IMHO. Anyway, here are some samples...

Porch in Woodstock, Vermont Civil war statue in Woodstock, Vermont House in downtown Woodstock, Vermont

Bench on the green in Woodstock, Vermont Bulletin board in downtown Woodstock, Vermont

The green, Woodstock, Vermont Downtown Woodstock, Vermont

In order not to slight New Hampshire too hard, I guess it would be fair to point out Center Sandwich, a very white town full of white people with a white church and a white cemetery. It is centrally sandwiched between the White Mountains and Lake Winnipesaukee at the junction of routes 113 and 109.

Note: It can be extremely helpful to have a view camera and/or a perspective correction lens for a 35mm SLR if you want to get good pictures of churches. Unfortunately, most of the good churches in New England seem to be obstructed by powerlines.

Church in Center Sandwich, New Hampshire Center Sandwich, New Hampshire

Driving west out of Center Sandwich on Route 113, one encounters an interesting swamp and then Squam Lake.

A swamp not too far from Center Sandwich, New Hampshire Not your average covered bridge photo. New Hampshire.

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