Costa Rica Handbook

by Christopher Baker

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Where another travel magazine might review a guidebook, brings you the guidebook. Thanks to an arrangement with Moon Publications, we are able to make over 100 pages of this excellent book available on the Web, illustrated with 91 photographs by Philip Greenspun.

Note: if you have a specific question and can't find the answer here or in Philip Greenspun's story then post a question in the Costa Rica Q&A forum.

Traditional Review

Christopher Baker's Costa Rica Handbook is part of the Moon Travel Handbooks series that I've enjoyed in many other corners of the world including New Zealand and New Mexico. Strong points of the book include the following: I think the book was well worth the $17.95 I paid for the May 1994 edition. Moon Publications has on-line ordering information or you can order from .

If you are doing an independent public bus-based trip, you might find the Lonely Planet guide helpful, but in general everyone I know who has tried both prefers the Moon guide.

Text copyright Christopher Baker. Photographs copyright Philip Greenspun.