Smyly Autos: A litigation saga

by Philip Greenspun (who would generally prefer not to litigate)
My Dodge Caravan's dashboard, following a visit to Smyly Dodge, Malden, Massachusetts

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My Dodge Caravan's dashboard, following a visit to Smyly Dodge, Malden, Massachusetts
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Reader's Comments

What a bunch of pricks these Smyly people are.

-- N. Hopper, April 29, 2000
Not _ALL_ Smyly's are like this! <g>

-- G Smyly, July 9, 2000
Mr Greenspan, clearly you feel very aggrieved. It doesn't help you to feel bitter. It ruins your enjoyment of life. You may or may not ever say The Lord's Prayer, but if you do remember that you ask for forgiveness as you forgive. In the meantime you are ruining my enjoyment of looking up 'Smyly' on the internet by filling it with your unhappy experiences ! With best wishes from an honest Smyly.

-- Robert Smyly, March 9, 2001
I absolutely love this site and the details of the Smyly case. You may save dozens of people from buying from Smyly and in turn they will (and probably have) lost $thousands. Buying was a GREAT move. Thanks again for this site.

-- Chris Papas, April 10, 2001
I think we should all go to Smyly's to to pretend to be interested in buying their products and then after using up an hour of their time, hand them a print out of this forum and say something like "It's not nice to steal from photographers!"

If everyone who read this forum offered one hour of their time to help Phil get even we could in effect close the place down!

-- Scott Bourne, July 22, 2001

Well bravo for winning, and sticking at it. I really cannot beleive how difficult it was - in the UK I filled out one form, attended court for one hour, won judgement. Filled out another form and collect dues via the bailiffs.

We cannot get treble damages though!

-- Chris Street, September 28, 2001

Reading from CO and not even sure how I ended up on this page, but kudos to you! It's great that you can keep others informed with websites like this. Hopefully your DREADFUL experience will help others not to service or buy vehicles from crooks like this!!

-- H Sileo, November 18, 2001
I work with one of these damn Smyly's at my Dodge Garage and he keeps stealing my tools!

-- Billy Bob Smith, December 28, 2001
I came across this site while wondering around looking for ACS information. Having read the Ford and Smyly stories, I laughed when I realised that points to your pages. I thought that was brilliant! Well done!

-- Kirstyn Ockford, May 22, 2002
While surfing through endless web pages looking to purchase a used auto, I realized I had forgotten about the Smyly dealership near my home (I live in Saugus). Knowing the Smyly name for years I considered their dealership for my purchase. However, after reading your comments I will NOT set foot on their lot. Thank you for your time creating this informative site. Smyly will not get my business. I will advise everyone I know to "steer clear" of Smyly :-) WTG!!

-- Carole Condon, October 21, 2002
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