Credits and Copyright

for Travels with Samantha by Philip Greenspun


Jonathan Rees, Brian and David LaMacchia set up this server back in 1993. As my pages got more popular, I ended up learning a bit about Unix and the Web myself, most of which I relate in Database Backed Web Sites. When the ancient desktop workstation started to crawl, Hewlett-Packard came through with a modern mid-range Unix server (you're talking to it now).

Boston Photo did the initial round of PhotoCD scans. The Eastman Kodak Company was kind enough subsequently to donate a PhotoCD scanner to the MIT Media Lab's Interactive Cinema group, many of whose members graciously assisted me in my wee hour struggles with the PhotoCD workstation. Frank Caico was kind enough to scan the medium format images in the book onto ProPhotoCD for me.


All text and pictures are copyright 1993 Philip Greenspun, except for the two pictures of George in Chapter I, which were taken by (and are copyright by) Henry Wu and Rebecca Schudlich.