Boot Camp: Week 1: Monday LAB

part of Bootcamp Week 1 by James Buszard-Welcher

Monday LAB

Hardware Install Lab

OS Install Lab

  1. STOP-A. You are at the Sun bios "ok" prompt. If you get stuck, you can type here. Check out your environment by typing 'printenv'. Your default boot device, boot-device should be set to "disk".
  2. Insert the CDROM
  3. Boot from CDROM via boot cdrom - browser to boot preinstalled version of solaris, inputting hostname, IP, router, nameservice (other!), timezone, set rootpw!
  4. When the browser starts, select a custom install.
  5. The following is the list of packages to select:
  6. Thus, we are skipping these:
  7. Under 'Configure Solaris', we want the 'entire solaris software group'. Don't allocate space for diskless clients.
  8. Finally, lay out the filesystems manually. Only lay out the first disk (under "Selected Disks"). Use the following partition guide:
  9. Click Install and Install Now... then lean back and wait for the install finish. The system will reboot, then you'll have to do some CDROM shuffling, then it will reboot again.

Initial Network Configure Lab

Ok, you have shuffled the CDROMs and the box is asking for a login. Log in to the CDE environment (the Common Desktop Environment), and we'll take care of some initial configurations. You're done when you can ping an arpitrary IP on the Internet.

  1. You can pull up a terminal by right-clicking on the desktop, then selecting "Hosts" -> "This Host".
  2. Initialize the keywork search of man by building the whatis database. Run the command catman -w & to generate the database. man is going to become one of your best friends under Unix, and man -k will help you find which commands to run man on.
  3. Look at your network interfaces by running ifconfig -a. Is your netmask set properly? Use netstat -nr to check your routing table. You are going to need to manually add a default route. Do this by typing: route add default XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX
  4. Use ping to verify network connectivity across the LAN and the WAN. What works? What doesn't work?
  5. We will be using the root account for now, but ideally this account would be used as little as possible.

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James Buszard-Welcher
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