Boot Camp: Week 1 - Solaris Server

part of Bootcamp by James Buszard-Welcher

Note: This is achival version of week 1 for the FIVE WEEK VERSION of bootcamp given in June of 1999. If you have recently signed up for bootcamp, you have probably registered for the THREE WEEK VERSION.

Week 1 - Solaris Server Overview

This is the highest level overview for the course. I'm finishing up the secondary level on a day by day basis (click on each day to see that) which is more topic based as opposed to task based. I'm also working on the permanent HTML version of this course as a reference item for people who didn't get a chance to attend which will address the localization of a UNIX box in general and a solaris box in particular.


Day 1 (morning): intro, verify hardware, add disk and memory, preconfiguration, solaris and sun hardware

Day 1 (afternoon): install Solaris 2.7, get boxes on the net, patch the OS


Day 2 (morning): adding users / groups, mirroring, the filesystem, the kernel, the shell, the scheduler

Day 2 (afternoon): basic network daemons: ftp/telnet/etc., inetd, volume management/automounter, backups, cron


Day 3: development environment and building from source: gcc, perl, zsh, RCS, gzip, etc.


Day 4: advanced network daemons: xntpd, qmail, AOL Server, maybe some sendmail. Other utility builds (ImageMagick)


Day 5 (morning): system monitoring, more on specific apps from yesterday, disk mirroring, security

Day 5 (afternoon): security issues, security tools, resources

James Buszard-Welcher
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