Boot Camp: Week 1: Thursday

part of Bootcamp Week 1 by James Buszard-Welcher


Review Lab Day

Morning Talk

Quick Environment Review

Xntpd Lab

Check out the detailed reference. Sun uses multicast by default, so we want to turn that off. The 'xntpd' daemon does fine tuning of your clock. To start off, you will want to do an adjustment of the clock, then let 'xntpd' keep you synced.

Ufsdump Lab

Cron Lab

AOL Server Prep

*Optional* Quick Network Lab


AOL Server Talk

Grab the AOL Server ini file here

AOL Server Lab

Build ImageMagick

I would like at least one volunteer to go from someone caught-up with the labs to through these steps. This volunteer should use Wimpy Point to make a presentation of the steps.

Readup On Answerbook docs for Solstice DiskSuite (mirroring)

Open Lab for those behind

This afternoon, we'll have an open lab to get people caught up. Those who are ahead can jump into installing qmail. The lab/prsentation points to a quick run down of the relevant information.

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James Buszard-Welcher
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