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What is one's best strategy?

Try to stay ahead of the power curve. Get RSS feeds* such as CNNęs banner at the bottom of your screen, and donęt wander into Tornado Alley when they are hosting 70 tornadoes in 48 hours.

Use Blink to make decisions based on the tips of icebergs you see coming your way as you move along. Use Tit for Tat, with whatever clout you possess, to minimize your losses and encourage cooperation for mutual benefit in whatever arena you happen to be in. When, down the line, personalized ęcomputer agentsę may be used to analyze trends, you may even be able to create your own Analyst (at the risk of becoming anal) along the lines of, say, John Stuart Mill or James Madison. You may never be a K Street mover and shaker, but your vote may influence others to the extent you appear to be well-informed and well-intentioned.