Klezmer Conservatory Band

reviewed by Philip Greenspun

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We had an older crowd. In fact, some people were so old that there was a significant attrition rate between people accepting the invitation and attending the wedding. Within just a few weeks, guests had fallen ill, gone to the hospital, or died.

Despite the comparatively ancient crowd, virtually everyone danced at our wedding. If you wanted to have a fun life, it might be a good idea to hire a klezmer band to play continuously in your living room. The Klezmer Conservatory Band has a reputation as one of the nation's best. They happen to live in Boston, so we hired them and were very happy that we did.

The band came with a "dance leader". This guy should really be called "personal trainer". He grabs people and is able to get them to do whatever is necessary for traditional shtetl celebrations. If you're the bride or groom, it would be best to visit the gym every two days for a few months prior to the wedding as you will get quite a workout.

The band can also play jazz and swing.

Warning: If you are heavy and your friends are weak, being hoisted up in a chair may induce terror.

Contact: klezmerconservatory.com.