Berlin and Prague: Nazis, Jews, stamp collectors, and beautiful women

by Philip Greenspun

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Join Greenspun as he searches for traces of Jewish history among the shell-pocked ruins of East Berlin, visits the luxurious digs of Frederick the Great, takes a pleasure cruise past the birthplace of the Final Solution, rides up the Elbe River valley to Prague, dates a beautiful young Czech, wrests his bicycle from the Czech bureaucracy, tries desperately to impress two Dutch sisters, visits the last battleground of World War II, and is trapped over Heathrow with a New York philosopher.

You'll learn about fascinating history, beautiful architecture, and, perhaps best of all, how ethnic strife in Europe lends perspective to problems in America.

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John and Berlin's signature water pumps (you aren't supposed to drink the water but he did) Translation:  Leona, the first Czech whom I met in Prague

Soviet memorial to the victims of the Nazis, on the site of the old Jewish cemetery in Berlin (dug up by the Nazis) The Jewish cemetery, a staple of Prague tourism

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Berlin deadbeats hang out in front of the Kaiser Wilhelm church

The critics are raving about Berlin and Prague

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All text and pictures are copyright 1993 Philip Greenspun