Bitcoin v. Medical School

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You started medical school in 1992 and paid $37,000 in tuition.

You could have instead purchased 1,361,575 bitcoin, worth $0 today.

Sources and Assumptions

The bitcoin network went live in 2009, but there is no authoritative source of prices prior to 2010. People who wanted bitcoin in 2009 would simply mine them on their desktop computers. Thus we've taken your pre-2010 tuition payment and adjusted it for CPI-U inflation. Your tuition corresponds to $57,199 in September 2010. We then assume that you could have earned a 2 percent annual real return by investing your money between 1992 and 2010. Adjusting for both inflation and this interest rate gives us a September 2010 buy-in spending power of $81,695.

Note that we don't have any affiliation with the above sources, nor (sadly) do we hold any bitcoin ourselves.

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Brought to you by Jin S. Choi, Philip Greenspun, and John Patrick Morgan