Bodie, California

Personal Favorites

by Philip Greenspun

Here are some of my favorite pictures. Well, at least the ones that I managed to scan from the original negatives and slides.

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Venice Beach, California. What I like about street photography is that you get to see things you wouldn't otherwise have time to notice. I also like that these photos make Los Angeles look so crazy and tacky. The original Bob's Big Boy.  A historical landmark.  Toluca Lake, California.

Mojave Desert.  Joshua Tree National Park I went to Joshua Tree National Park for a day and a half and came back with two pictures that I liked. Joshua Tree National Park

Klamath Falls, Oregon. There are some beautiful natural scenes in Northeast California and up into Oregon but I like these pictures the best. Cedars Market.  Adin, California

I wouldn't say that the 200+ photos in my Costa Rica travelogue are my best ever, but I did edit each one in PhotoShop and it makes quite a difference.

I have about 600 pictures from Italy on my Web page, as it is one of my favorite countries to visit. (The companion to the left picture is in my Medium Format Gallery.)

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania There are over 250 pictures in Travels with Samantha, but these are two of my favorites. Brooks Falls, Katmai National Park

[BIG] I was having too good a time in New Zealand to take a lot of great pictures, but I managed to salvage about 100 for my Web story.

A small bird in his nest of leaves. I really need to find a better vehicle for my zoo photographs than Heather has Two Mommies but somehow I just can't.

(The Snowy Owl photo looks stunning in a dark blue frame; come to the 4th floor of 545 Technology Square and see it. The bird on the left is framed and hanging on the 5th floor, outside John Wroclawski's office.)

Snowy Owl.

Vernal Falls, Yosemite National Park I like the open spaces of the West. I'm not sure if I'll ever settle down there, but I keep thinking about it. The image on the left is a more-beautiful-than-life Velvia from Yosemite National Park (California, USA). The one on the right is a sunset over an Indian ruin in Chaco Canyon (New Mexico, USA).

(If you like the photo on the right, you can find a whole lot more of my New Mexico photographs on-line.)

Sunset.  Chaco Canyon, New Mexico

Glen Canyon Dam (Arizona/Utah border) One of the hazards of doing commercial photography is that one's Black and White skills get rusty. I'm trying to renew mine now with PhotoShop. The photo on the left was taken at the Glen Canyon Dam (impounds Lake Powell at the Arizona/Utah border). The one at right is honest Tri-X but from a 35mm camera and cropped for that 6x6 look (also sepia toned). It is from my New York Vignettes.

M and Ms. A couple of my studio photos. The one on the right is from my nudes collection. Feet

I like these because they look like I made them to sell as stock photos. At left is my cousin Douglas holding his 2nd cousin Julia, i.e., it is just a family snapshot.

At right, a family in Colorado stops to pet some horses. I was already stopped by the side of the road watching the light change and happened to catch them with my Canon 35-350L lens. (There are 400 more pictures woven into a 31-page story about that trip.)

Horses.  Colorado.

I have three more pictures from Switzerland on-line. Bachalpsee, in the Bernese Oberland (near Grindelwald), Switzerland

Pictures copyright 1988-1995 Philip Greenspun
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