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Client Questionnaire

for "Software Engineering of Internet Applications" at MIT

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Our next course runs from February through May 2006. Please apply by January 30, 2006 if you would like to be a client for this semester.

We'd like you to consider being a client for our students in MIT Course 6.171, "Software Engineering of Internet Applications". Our students are generally seniors majoring in Computer Science. You'd be assigned a team of 2 or 3 of these young engineers for a 13-week project.

What's in it for you and your organization? By the end of the semester you will have a working prototype that should have been launched to a set of test users and might be ready for use by a wider audience. The quality of the work delivered depends to some extent on how well you communicate with your team. The average project is usually better than most commercially developed database-backed Web sites. In any case it is very difficult to design a good system without building something that works well enough to test with real users. After 13 weeks with your team you'll have a very good idea of what you want and don't want in the final application.

Your organization will gain exposure to a bright group of young people who are soon to graduate from MIT. Perhaps you'll want to offer one of them a job and what better way to decide whether or not a person is easy to work with?

What's in it for you personally? Here's an opportunity to work with smart, fun, interesting individuals. An MIT student will never bore you to death with a story about kitchen renovation, rearing toddlers, etc. They're free, happy, and optimistic for the most part. If it is convenient for you, you'll be welcome in the classroom at several points during the semester and perhaps to the campus for informal meetings with your team. I.e., an opportunity to get out of the office and stroll around amidst the Henry Moore and Calder sculptures on the MIT lawns.

What must you do? Be available via email and telephone at least once per week for 13 weeks. Be willing to respond within 24 hours to a team request that you look at a Web page that they've built and provide feedback. In 2006, the semester starts on February 7 and runs through May 18. By February 14, 2006 we can tell you whether or not your project has been selected for the semester. Please remember that the university calendar is unforgiving. Stuff does not "slip to next week".

Examples of previous projects

All of these systems are still up and running as of November 2005.

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To apply for a student team, we ask that you send an email message
Subject: proposed client project for 6.171
In the email we'd like answers to the following questions: Thanks.

Intellectual Property

If it was your content at the beginning of the course, it remains yours at the end. MIT does not ask for any rights to intellectual property that you bring to the class or that is developed during the class. As for the software that your student team builds, that is typically owned by the students who give the client a royalty-free license to use their work. The effect of this arrangement is that your organization is free, without payment, to use the application built by our students. At the same time, our students are able to reuse whatever they've personally built (i.e., not content that you've provided) in subsequent projects should they so wish.