Credits and Copyright

by Philip Greenspun

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Jonathan Rees, Brian and David LaMacchia made it possible for this UNIX-avoider to publish on the World Wide Web. Without them, I'd be just another has-been computer scientist clinging to his Lisp Machine and getting misty talking about the good old days.

The Eastman Kodak Company was kind enough to donate a PhotoCD scanner to the MIT Media Lab's Interactive Cinema group, many of whose members graciously assisted me in my wee hour struggles with the PhotoCD workstation.


All text and pictures are copyright 1994 Philip Greenspun

About the Photos

I switched to a Canon EOS system after my Nikons were stolen in Filthadelphia in September 1993. Almost all of the photos here were taken with a Canon EOS-5 (European A2E), and 20-35/2.8, 35-350L, 50/1.0, 135 soft focus, or 14/3.5 Canon lens, all mounted on a Bogen tripod with FOBA ballhead.

I was using Provia and Lumiere film at the beginning of the trip, but switched back to Velvia in September. I've written a lot already about how I take pictures. I've also written a lot about how I build Web sites.
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