Boot Camp: Week 1: Wednesday

part of Bootcamp Week 1 by James Buszard-Welcher


Lab Day

Today is going to be mostly lab day. We are going to finish up with the disk config sections, do a quick dump and restore, and then the rest of the today will be spent starting to work on building and installing the tools we will be using.

Finish up from Tuesday's Disk lab

Session WE1

Development Tools Lab

  • make /opt/local (mkdir /opt/local)
  • ln -s /opt/local /usr/local
  • mkdir /usr/local/src and put your sources here
  • First, you are going to want to install some pre-built binaries to get your system in a 'more user friendlly' configuration. For example, you may prefer the 'bash' shell. Reading the following build GCC page, you see there there a number of available packages you may want to grab. Ideally, however, you or your organization would have many of these prebuilt for you. In this course, we are assuming you are on your own.

  • Build GCC
  • Grab other packages you want from SunFreeware except those listed below. RCS, bash, zsh, tcsh
  • Build Perl
  • Build TCL7.4
  • Build SSH. If you can't find the source... ask Misha. You will want to build ssh1 and not ssh2! The latest rev is .27 Why ssh1 and not 2? There are restrictive licenses on ssh2. ssh1 has some restrictive liscensing as well... but it is generally accepted that use of the code for server access is allowed. Folk are working on a freely distributable version...
  • Build Emacs!
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