Millesgarden. Stockholm, Sweden

Where and When to Go

by Eve Andersson
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When to go? Tourist facilities in Sweden generally do not open until May or June. They start to close in mid-August.

Three Days

If you only have three days, stay in Stockholm. You will want to find a hotel as close to Gamla Stan (the old city) as possible so that you can walk places.

A good itinerary would be

Seven Days

Spend three days in Stockholm (as above) and then fly to Gotland:

Fourteen Days

If you want to relax, spend a week on Gotland, touring the island by bicycle (a very popular thing to do in the summer). Then spend seven days centered around Stockholm, touring the city more thoroughly and making some day trips out to the archipelago and nearby sites.

If you want to claim that you've seen more of the country, shorten your stays in Gotland and Stockholm by a couple of days each and spend the remaining time in Gothenburg, the second largest city in Sweden.

Thirty Days

If you have a real European vacation, rent a car, get a Blue Guide and see the entire country.

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