Summer weddings should be in waterslide parks

Thus far this summer I’ve endured two weddings.  One was at a golf course by the sea and the other in a fancy hotel in Harvard Square.  Both seem like cruel wastes of a day.  It is so painful to sit indoors and look out the window and think “we could be out there moving around, having fun, enjoying the warm weather.”  The feeling is especially acute if one has driven a long distance to attend the wedding.

Imagine instead a wedding held at a waterslide park.  The ceremony would be at the top of one of the big waterslides and people would leave the aisles by jumping into the tubes.  Instead of warmed-over surf and turf guests could wander around getting freshly grilled hot dogs from the usual theme park vendors.  Rather than having to buy expensive and ugly bridesmaid dresses the guests need only show up in a swimsuit.  Most important everyone would remember that they left the house and had a lot of fun.

Most weddings seem to cost at least $200 per guest and therefore the cost of renting out a smaller and/or older theme park should not be prohibitive.

8 thoughts on “Summer weddings should be in waterslide parks

  1. Well, I actually proposed under a waterslide…still married almost 12 years later.

  2. Some people prefer more formality. Still, my wife and I were married outside by a lake on a lovely summer day, and had our reception in our back yard. It worked pretty well. Actually, I think the key to a good wedding is a short ceremony.

  3. Yup, I can see it now. Brides and bridesmaids everywhere developing acute cases of anorexia to make sure they can fit into those white bikinis. BTW, the wedding has nothing to do with “Are the guests having fun..” It’s all about the bridezilla, and I’m sure, if given the choice, lots of brides would choose to do the wedding without the groom who no doubt will embarrase her in front of her friends and family.

  4. no.

    weddingo should be boring and interminable affairs as a lesson to all the singles that beyond the nice dress is a lifetime of nagging.

  5. Cheer up! I attended a memorial day wedding here in Austin, TX, at a beautiful lakeside hotel. The ceremony was moved indoors because of the threat of rain, but it was just as well, because it was already too hot and humid outside to be comfortable outside, even in “dressy casual” attire. Much better to be inside in the A/C.

    Other friends are getting married in 2 weeks at a lakeside resort with a pool, and have invited the guests to come early and swim before the ceremony. Now that’s more like it!

  6. My son’s wedding reception was held in a park next to church. Climbing rock wall, jump house and more such fun supplied by the bride’s father who owns a party rental place. Guests commented on it being one of the best they’d attended My favorite part? Father’s of the couple wore matching Hawaiian shirts. No tux!

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