Do all of the Biden grandchildren get to come to the White House?

Canceled biologist James Watson‘s DNA discoveries enabled the Arkansas Family Court (unlimited child support available; a better place to sue than D.C.) to determine that President Biden has a grandchild yielding substantial cash for a retired stripper plaintiff (Daily Mail).

The plaintiff mom is getting cash from the Biden family purportedly for the child’s benefit. Will the cash cow child get some direct benefit by going to visit Grandpa Biden in the White House? That would be some awesome TV: the President of the U.S., his grandchild, the former stripper, maybe Hunter Biden (the child should also get to see the father, right?), and Hunter Biden’s wife.

Snapshot from 2013, before the $64 million fence was built.

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What praise for our new leaders are you seeing?

From a woman in her 50s who has spent nearly her entire life in government-funded jobs:

I put an American flag on our front porch. Today’s the first day in years I’ve been proud to be an American.

My response:

“proud to be an American” implies that it is somehow better to be an American than to be something else. Virtually any other country on the planet should be objectively superior as an ID due to having zero Trump voters. Why is it an accomplishment (and therefore the subject of pride) to be “American” rather than to be Nigerian, Laotian, Norwegian, or Bolivian?

From a guy whose paycheck is derived from federal taxpayer funds:

A Maskachusetts suburbanite’s feed:

An MIT graduate’s feed:

Weeping with joy, with relief, with hope.

Three from a Harvard graduate’s feed:

His summary: “This is like my childhood in the USSR. When the new general secretary got appointed, there were tears of joy and dancing in the streets. When can we start asking when children will be let out of cages and reunited with their parents?”

Readers: What are your favorite public expressions of support for America’s new rulers?

An inauguration meme sent by a friend:


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President Biden delivers on his promise to shut down the United States…

… well, the Washington, D.C. area at least. From the FAA:

It is still possible to go IFR into three airports:

But VFR pilots and those based at GAI, for example, are denied the use of their aircraft during this most joyous of days.


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