Email service for seniors: delete all marketing email and mailing list email by default

Trying to help my mom get some benefit from Internet/Web without all of the bad stuff and headaches, I’ve come up with a product idea: an email system in which marketing and mailing list messages are all automatically deleted by default. There can be a separate page in which the senior him/her/zir/theirself or a young relative can click “yes, do let in a flood of emails from Source X”. It is easy to sign up to email lists, e.g., if a senior does any shopping online or participates in social media, and hard to quit (buried in the fine print). So build an email system from scratch or add this behavior into AOL, Gmail, or some other webmail system.

My mom got to the point with her AOL account that she could never find relevant emails because they were buried in a tide of mailing list crud.

I recognize that Google deals with this already to some extent by having separate tabs for Promotions and Social, but it’s not quite as big a hammer as I’m suggesting.

Readers: What do you think of the idea?

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