Modelo vs. Bud Light and the Reno Air Races

Modelo is America’s #1 selling beer (NBC). Meanwhile, at the other end of the rainbow, “Bud Light sales still down 30% six months after Dylan Mulvaney disaster, drinkers ‘lost forever’: expert” (NY Post).

What is Modelo sponsoring? Check these photos from Oshkosh 2023 of the Lockheed T-33 that they sponsor in airshows:

Note that this can be considered a “trans sponsorship” because the aircraft was assigned “fighter” at birth in 1944, but switched to identifying as “trainer” in 1948. In other words, a trans sponsorship need not hurt a beer brand so long as aerobatics and Jet A are involved.

Tranheuser-Busch was a significant sponsor of airshow performers decades ago. They famously had a BD-5J, just like James Bond (before James Bond spent most of his time in gay bars). Back issues of aviation magazines also show more conventional piston aerobatic planes whose sole sponsor was Bud Light.

Could Bud Light be revived with sponsorship? Let’s consider the example of Saudi Arabia, whose laws and values are not necessarily shared by everyone worldwide. Nonetheless, everyone cheers the soccer and golf teams and events that they sponsor.

If Bud Light wants to reclaim market share, should Tranheuser-Busch bring its checkbook to airshows? Due to residential encroachment driven by population growth (one of the many benefits of expanding our population to 450+ million via low-skill immigration?), the Reno Air Races (which start today) need a new home, which was challenging to find. Consider a typical American who welcomed lockdowns, school closures, forced masking of 2-year-olds, and coerced vaccination. He/she/ze/they meekly cowered in place for a year or two and now you expect him/her/zir/them to accept the risk of a 75-year-old P-51 flying nearby at 550 mph? Air racing requires infrastructure in the middle of nowhere and, in direct contradiction, proximity to a major population center with commercial airline service.

For 2024 at least, the plan is to race just outside of Las Vegas in Pahrump. This will cost a lot of money to set up and Tranheuser-Busch could supply it in exchange for the races being renamed the “Bud Light Not Trans At All Air Races”. Since the CEO won’t abandon his/her/zir/their passion for promoting Rainbow Flagism, one stipulation could be that all competitors be painted in the following scheme:

Rainbow yet not Rainbow?

Speaking of the T-33, here are a couple of photos from the EAA Museum commemorating a nun-piloted flight from Wisconsin to New Jersey:


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Boston’s Jewish Community Center wants to support LGBTQIA+ students in elementary school

The email promo:

The full description:

Fostering Belonging. Join us for a virtual panel that bring together parents of LGBTQIA+ youth and dedicated educators, all passionate about supporting LGBTQIA+ and gender expansive students in elementary school. This session aims to provide parents and caregivers with practical strategies to collaborate with educators in creating an inclusive and affirming environment for children. From open dialogue and communication with teachers to advocating for pronoun usage and nurturing a culture of belonging, our panelists will address the unique challenges and opportunities that arise in supporting young LGBTQIA+ students. No cost, registration required to receive Zoom link. Questions, email

Note that this will be held in a Covid-safe virtual manner. Click the link above and register for September 12 at 8 pm!

What if you lived in Los Angeles? The school district runs Rainbow Club for “LGBTQ+ elementary school students”.

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God wants you to identify as 2SLGBTQQIA+

From Needham, Maskachusetts, a suburb of Boston:

Some more images of the church where God speaks directly to humans:

(Sometimes the best way to “Dismantle Racism” is by first moving to a town that is 2 percent Black.)

The church reminds us that it is not Ukrainians who are fighting for their lives:

Speaking of Ukraine, another church in Needham:

Here’s what I think might be a 2SLGBTQQIA+ version of the Ukrainian flag:

What about back in Cambridge? A friend snapped this photo of Riverside Boat Club, which reminds folks that Black Lives Matter, that the trans-enhanced rainbow flag is our national symbol, and that the best way to support Ukraine is to stay safely in Maskachusetts while hanging up a flag.

Who can explain the intersection between Black and 2SLGBTQQIA+ on the boat club whose web site shows only white people? Perhaps a professor of Queer of Color Critique who will soon be working at Williams College:

The Program in Women’s, Gender & Sexuality Studies seeks a professor of Queer of Color Critique, field open, ideally with interdisciplinary scholarship. We also especially welcome those with additional interests in Disability Studies/Crip Theory, Feminist Technoscience Studies, and/or Migration Studies.

The candidate should be able to teach introductory courses, including WGSS 101 and a Foundations in Sexuality Studies seminar in addition to electives.

We are especially interested in candidates from historically underrepresented groups

Coronapanic is over in Maskachusetts? The August 10, 2023 job post:

We recognize that these are uncertain times with changing health and safety restrictions given the endemic nature of COVID-19 and other viral illnesses. This search will follow all state and college policies, and we anticipate collaborating with candidates to best navigate health and safety during the recruitment process.

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Why are women lumped in with the nonbinary?

Happy Women’s Equality Day.

Universities have substantial full-time credentialed bureaucracies to deal with gender issues and certainly MIT’s is second to none. Here’s an article from back in April 2023 about an MIT facility that was formerly exclusive to those who identified as “women”… “A home away from home”:

The Margaret Cheney Room remains indispensable after nearly 140 years.

The Cheney Room has been an oasis for MIT women ever since the original one opened on the Boston campus in 1884, when women at the Institute were scarce. Today’s enrollment numbers are much more balanced than in early days, with women making up 48% of the undergraduate and 39% of the graduate student body. But there’s still a need for dedicated spaces on campus where women and nonbinary students can gather, says Lauryn McNair, assistant dean of LBGTQ+ and Women and Gender Services at MIT.

“Women’s centers and spaces are still important, even in a changing landscape of gender,” says McNair, explaining that the space today is a haven for both women and nonbinary people. “At its foundation, a women’s space is built upon the core concepts of community through safety and support, access, affirmation and recognition, and intersectionality. I hope for students to feel at home in the Cheney Room and that this is a space for them that celebrates and affirms who they are so they can thrive at MIT.”

Updates include reconfiguring old rooms to create new, more useful spaces and adding new furniture, fresh paint, and contemporary art that was created by female and nonbinary artists. After getting input from students, McNair chose the artworks to reflect how they see themselves in the world today.

Why do the experts force “women” to share with 72 additional gender IDs recognized by Science? Instead of one room that excludes “men” but admits people identifying with every other gender, why not 73 rooms that exclude men, each of the 73 rooms devoted to a single gender ID? How are women “equal” on Women’s Equality Day if they are lumped together with 72 other gender IDs while “men” are considered a special class (admittedly for the purpose of exclusion)

Here’s Lauren McNair’s bio page:


  • Real World Divorce (sometimes “equality” before the law means winning 97-98 percent of family court lawsuits; see the Massachusetts and New Hampshire chapters, for example, and associated Census Bureau data on the gender IDs of those who’ve won custody of cash-yielding children)
  • Title IX, which “prohibits sex-based discrimination in any school or any other education program that receives funding from the federal government” (but, apparently, federally-funded MIT can have facilities exclusively for some gender IDs without having any separate-but-equal facility for those who identify as “men”)
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Taxpayer-funded Rainbow-First Retail in Pasadena

Loyal readers may remember some Pride Month scenes from Park City, Utah in “If Rainbow Flagism is the state religion, why do individuals and businesses need to buy their own rainbow flags?“:

if 2SLGBTQQIA+-ism is our state religion and the trans-enhanced rainbow flag is our sacred symbol, why do private businesses and individuals need to organize worship?

I took a trip to Pasadena, California on July 30, 2023, a month after the official end of Pride. I found a great bank for elites that offers much better interest rates than Bank of America and other banks that serve the peasantry.

They’re supervised by the diversity-crisis-tackling San Francisco Fed, so I’m sure that my money will be “safe as houses.” On the sidewalk in front, one see the result of Californians’ commitment to eliminating inequality:

Pasadena offers a conventional American Rainbow-first Retail experience. The observant Muslim, for example, must pay obeisance to the merchant-displayed rainbow flag if he/she/ze/they wants clothing to wear, shades for his/her/zir/their house, or a car to drive:

In case a merchant forgets, however, just as in Park City, Utah, the city has stepped up with tax dollars. Sidewalks and transformers are painted with the sacred rainbow (this would be contrary to the law in Muslim-governed Hamtramck, Michigan):

If these sacred messages were still up on July 30, 2023, a full month after the nominal end of Pride, when do they get removed?

The city government’s convention center and tourism org explained how the symbols went up in a June 1, 2023 press release: “All Are Welcome in Pasadena” Kicks off June in Pasadena, California”:

The enchanting rose gardens are in full bloom, pride events paint the town, and Visit Pasadena, the city’s official tourism organization, celebrates pride with a citywide Pride campaign with the simple, yet powerful message that “All Are Welcome in Pasadena.”

History is hardly ever tidy, but Pasadena, California has been proudly celebrating all identities since The Boulevard Bar was established over 40 years ago. Today, it remains one of Pasadena’s staples. In 2014, Pasadena was recognized as the “Second Gayest City in America” by The Advocate. This marked a historic moment, when a gay couple exchanged wedding vows on a wedding float during the Tournament of Roses® Rose Parade for the first time ever during live broadcasts around the world.

This year, The City of Pasadena raises the Pride Flag once again at City Hall this June, with a flag designed by non-binary artist Daniel Quasar and made by San Diego-based Pride Flag SD, followed by a series of interactive and family friendly events. In historic Old Pasadena, visitors will experience the district’s powerful “commUNITY” campaign and “All Are Welcome” messaging while enjoying romantic and diverse shopping and dining experiences. In October, SGV Pride will celebrate National Coming Out day with a celebration at Central Park, with the historic Castle Green and the majestic San Gabriel Mountains as a backdrop.

Here’s something unfortunate… the City implies that there is something unhealthful about the 2SLGBTQQIA+ lifestyle that requires additional vaccines, e.g., against Long Monkeypox:

It’s a “family-friendly event” for kids to watch adults get injected?

A few more photos from July 30… (note that some stores have two “all are welcome” rainbow stickers on the front door):

What if you need a bonus hole in your body? That can be done with Pride (sticker lower left):

Here’s a restaurant with three pride stickers (the multi-colored rose is an official City of Pasadena Pride symbol):

Also, it doesn’t have to be the official Pride month for Californians to take pride in wearing masks. A restaurant:

What if you are injured by COVID-19? These billboards across from the Burbank airport offer legal help and healing cannabis:

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PetSmart ready to clothe the White House lizard

Photos from a July 19, 2023 visit to the local (Palm Beach Gardens) PetSmart. The New York Times said that the temperature outside was up around 125 degrees (see Floridians brave Extreme Danger heat levels), but, thanks to Florida Power and Light and inventor Jennifer Carrier, we were comfortable inside.

I would love to see some senior White House officials get a pet lizard in time for Pride 2024 and garb him/her/zir/them in the above outfits. Imagine the photo below with a fully dressed bearded dragon in a rainbow outfit rather than the simple trans-enhanced rainbow flag:

In case the above gets memory-holed:
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American Eagle eschews Rainbow-first retail in Rotterdam

May 2023, Manhattan, American Eagle shop windows:

July 2023, Rotterdam (different city), American Eagle (same retailer):

Despite the fact that rainbow flags are almost non-existent in this region, and therefore are sorely needed, American Eagle doesn’t roll out its 2SLGBTQQIA+ message in Rotterdam. If the company is committed to this cause (which they should be), why don’t they promote it in Rotterdam? If the company is not committed to this cause, why do they promote it in New York City?


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Reparations for the 2SLGBTQQIA+?

Unless they’re complete hypocrites, taxpayers in California and some other states will soon be paying reparations to descendants of slaves, i.e., people whose ancestors were mistreated ($5 million per victim is the fair price, according to San Francisco’s experts). Why not extend the idea to other victimhood groups whose ancestors were mistreated or, even better, to victims who were personally mistreated? A group that is currently almost universally celebrated but that was once, we are constantly reminded, subject to prejudice, is the 2SLGBTQQIA+. If we take June 2023 when Joe Biden revealed the trans-enhanced rainbow flag at the White House as the beginning of Rainbow Flagism as the U.S. state religion, we as a society owe reparations to anyone who identified as 2SLGBTQQIA+ prior to June 2023.

How much should a 2SLGBTQQIA+ American get? How much for the child of a 2SLGBTQQIA+ American? And how do people prove that they were members of this discriminated-against class prior to June 2023?

Loosely related, some lawn signs of justice in Brookline, Maskachusetts last month:

Note the failure to display the Biden-approved official trans-enhanced Rainbow Flag in some cases. Also from Brookline, a bagel shop in which employees demonstrate every variant of surgical masking to block out an aerosol virus. Over-mouth-and-nose, under-nose, and chip diaper:

(The manager, not shown in the above image, was wearing a Fauci-approved cloth mask.)

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If Rainbow Flagism is the state religion, why do individuals and businesses need to buy their own rainbow flags?

In Rainbow-first Retail (examples from Bozeman, Montana), I displayed photos of retail shops whose owners invested time and money to ensure that consumers wouldn’t be able to enter without paying obeisance to America’s state religion. But if 2SLGBTQQIA+-ism is our state religion and the trans-enhanced rainbow flag is our sacred symbol, why do private businesses and individuals need to organize worship?

Park City, Utah provides an answer to this question: “they don’t.” Here are some photos from last month in which we can see the city’s 100+ trans-enhanced rainbow flags, enough to adorn every lamppost in town:

Who agrees with me that it would be simpler for the government to handle annual and permanent Pride observance duties?

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