Must-see Cinema: Wedding Crashers

Alex and I arrived back in Anchorage today after a great week in Homer and a couple of fun helicopter lessons out of Girdwood (not too many other helicopter schools where you see moose and glaciers on the way to practicing autorotations).

First stop was downtown where a lawyer friend had just returned from finalizing a divorce.  As it happens divorces are finalized in the same building where civil marriages are performed.  She and her client walked by a happy set of families all dressed up for the big ceremony.  A moment later they were alone in the elevator.  The just-divorced man said “I should really tell that groom to go into his bedroom and put his nut-sack into the dresser and then slam the drawer 10 times if he wants to know what it will feel like 13 years from now.”

So when it came to choosing a movie for the evening it had to be “Wedding Crashers” at the Regal Fireweed.  Marion and I laughed until we cried.  Highly recommended if you’re an Owen Wilson fan.

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