Handspring Treo died; time to accept Bill Gates as Personal Savior?

My Handspring Treo (review) died today, its 5th hardware failure in 18 months.  It is out of warranty so the $600 device heads for the trash can and I’m simultaneously deprived of calendar, address book, and mobile phone.  The preceding string of Handspring failures necessitated the purchase of a Motorola GSM phone as a backup so as soon as Margaret gives me back the Moto I can talk.  That leaves the question of replacing the Palm functions.  A year ago the cheapest Palm was $99.  With advances in technology and brilliant new engineering cleverness and Chinese labor the cheapest Palm today is… $99.

Is it time to accept Bill Gates as my personal savior and switch to PocketPC?  Theories in favor of PocketPC:

  • lots of aviation software, including things like in-flight weather radar and very good flight planners, for PocketPC
  • it is a Microsoft world so one might as well adapt now
  • better syncingwith Outlook (my primary desktop source of info)
  • can run Excel, which is the preferred programming environment for lots of everyday tasks, e.g., weight/balance for airplane

In favor of the Palm:

  • can get a simple slow device that will run for 2 weeks+ on disposable AAA batteries (no need to lug around charger and remember to charge up all the time)
  • simpler user interface (though I’d have to learn graffiti)

What do the gentle readers think?

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