“Another Unix” — How Depressing is That?

Nerds only might find this article interesting in which Jaron Lanier laments the fact that most of the open source effort has gone into making “another Unix”.

[And I might add not a very good one.  Ever since the photo.net Oracle database was migrated from Sun Solaris to Dell/Linux the site has been very shaky.  I’m not involved in running the site anymore but as I understand it one of the guys has essentially had to move into the colocation cage to keep poking at Linux.  Maybe Linux really is secretly funded by Microsoft…]

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E-commerce = in-E-fficiency II (Real Estate)

Let’s get depressed two days in a row…  It is the 10th anniversary of the consumer Web.  We have very good mapping services both on- and off-line.  A wide variety of sites are visited by people from all over North America every day.  Yet when people want to sell a house they almost always are forced to pay 6% to a realtor, just as they did 30 years ago before all of this fancy computer technology was widespread.

Has anyone tried eBay House?  Why doesn’t it work?

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