Inspiring article about an MIT graduate

According to this recent New Yorker magazine article, Ahmad Chalabi, formerly Our Man in Iraq, is an MIT graduate.  The article also talks about the spectacular ups and downs of his life.  He went from being a math professor in Lebanon to head of the 2nd-largest bank in Jordan.  Just like a modern American executive, he practiced some creative accounting…

“An Arthur Andersen audit commissioned by Jordanian authorities found that the bank had overstated its assets by more than three hundred million dollars. In addition, a hundred and fifty-eight million dollars had disappeared from its accounts, apparently as a result of transactions involving people linked to the former management.”

After the bank collapsed, Chalabi turned to making his living from covert CIA funding.  After a falling out with the CIA he still managed to get $97 million in overt funding from the U.S. taxpayers beginning with the October 1998 passage of the Iraq Liberation Act.

Interesting and inspiring reading.

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