The Larry Summers of the U.K.

Maybe these guys who say that women have lower IQs are only able to do so because they live in a country where it is tough to buy a gun (“an armed society is a polite society”).  This part seems less likely to get Professor Lynn killed:

“He published a controversial study in 2003 that identified a clear correlation between the levels of prosperity in 60 countries and the average IQ of their populations.”

[Stop the presses:  Countries in which all of the smart people have emigrated don’t do that well.  Actually that sounds like the U.K. (many of whose smartest citizens are working at American universities where the pay is vastly higher, or have emigrated to Australia for a bit of sunshine).]

It will be interesting to read the full paper when it comes out.  One challenge to this research is the fact that women do better in school than men, even at pretty high levels.  Could it be that a slightly lower IQ helps people get A grades at top high schools and colleges?  What would professors have to say about that?

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