part-time job: Database Administrator

I’m planning on running the following advertisement for a database administrator for  Comments on how to make the ad better would be appreciated.

Oracle Database Administrator, established in 1993, is looking for a part-time Oracle
database administrator.  If you like the site and the community, this is
an opportunity to help out and get paid. runs a 50 GB database on a dual-CPU Linux server running
Oracle 9i.  Over the next few months, we would like to upgrade to a
slightly more powerful physical server and Oracle 10g.  We also face
day-to-day challenges of improving performance and adding services for

Experience maintaining the Oracle RDBMS in a production environment is
required.  We would prefer to hire someone who is currently
maintaining multiple Oracle servers and would simply be adding ours to
his or her work rotation.  Unix/Linux experience is required.

Given that we are a distributed organization, we like to see clear
documentation and prefer to work with folks who write a page or two
before starting to code or type at the shell.

Experience with RDBMS-backed Web sites is a plus.  It would be nice if
you were able to write Web scripts to test out and/or create reports
from the database.  We primarily use AOLserver Tcl scripts, which
shouldn’t take more than a few hours to learn if you have experience
with Perl, PHP, ASP, or any other Web scripting environment.

We anticipate that this job should require 4-8 hours per week for
someone experienced with Oracle on Linux.

Please email a cover letter stating salary requirements and your resume
(in plain text or HTML preferred, PDF is acceptable, Microsoft Word we
can’t read reliably) to, with a subject line of “
database administrator application”.