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System Administrator, established in 1993, is looking for a part-time Linux System
Administrator.  If you like the site and the community, this is an
opportunity to help out and get paid.

We maintain a cluster of about 14 Linux machines plus a load balancer.
Most of the systems are currently running Fedora Core 4 or RedHat
Enterprise Advanced Server 2.1 (the Oracle 9i machine).

We have an agreement with a local sysadmin company to do the basic stuff
of keeping patches up to date and monitoring for health and intrusions.
If you are not local to the Boston area, these guys can also be the ones
who go to the colocation cage when something physical needs to be
adjusted.  If you are on vacation, these guys can provide coverage for
any procedures that you’ve documented.

What might some tasks be for the coming months?  Upgrade to AOLserver
4.5 (compile some C code).  Figure out a way to patch the firewall so
that a particular IP address, e.g., a robot, can’t tie up the server
with 10 requests per second.  Come up with a strategy for archiving
server logs on a new NAS box (probably from Infrant).  Come up with a
disaster recovery strategy involving pushing data periodically to Amazon
S3 and rented servers.  Come up with a monitoring strategy so that slow
or stuck server processes get restarted and so that denial of service
attacks are repulsed.  Replace CVS with Subversion.

We anticipate that this job should require 10-20 hours per week.

Please email a cover letter stating salary requirements and your resume
(in plain text or HTML preferred, PDF is acceptable, Microsoft Word we
can’t read reliably) to, with a subject line of “
system administrator”.

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  1. Hello Phil,

    One thing that wasn’t especially clear to me from your ad: is your thinking that this will be a part-time salaried position or an hourly contractor-type situation (and if so, 1099 or W-2).


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