Ted Kennedy-style Canine Hero (Samoyed of course)

Ted Kennedy became an American hero by working an air-conditioned desk job that millions of others would have been delighted to do. His votes in the Senate were always ones that could be expected to help him get reelected by Massachusetts Democrats (taking an anti-war position would be a risk for a senator representing Texas, but not for one from Massachusetts). He spent a lot of time with attractive young women.

A friend’s Samoyed recently asked himself how he could serve his country. Inspired by Ted Kennedy, this hero dog decided that he would not work directly with the poor, who can be both smelly and unsightly. Nor would he give more than one percent of his Milk Bones to charity (source). He tried to get his paws on some other folks’ money and then spend it to help the poor, but lacking the power to tax (or opposable thumbs), he was unable to get the $$. Sammy also decided against serving in the U.S. military in a war zone. Finding both Senatorships in Massachusetts occupied by unassailable incumbents (despite the terrible hardship of the job, some American heroes are willing to serve multiple terms in the U.S. Senate), Sammy the Samoyed had only one remaining option in order to become like his hero Ted Kennedy. With a little help from the New England Patriots cheerleaders, this photo shows Sammy enduring the kind of hardships that made Ted Kennedy Barack Obama’s hero.


[Note: this is the same dog that drove up from Norfolk, VA with me back in 2005 (old posting).]

3 thoughts on “Ted Kennedy-style Canine Hero (Samoyed of course)

  1. I know Sammy is cute, but the cheerleaders are cuter. (For this statement, I’ll probably be banned from posting here.)

    Isn’t it the job of a democratically elected politician to pander to the populace? (When I say democratically, I don’t mean the Donkey or the Elephant). I guess being surprised by it it like saying that Wall St bankers are greedy.

    (Sorry, my cynicism bit is stuck on T)

  2. Fess up, Philip. How many girls you have dated were first attracted by one of your Samoyeds?

    The best wingmen are dogs….

  3. Joe: As a guy who has been married for decades, you’re not supposed to have an informed theory about wingmen!

    [That said, when one has a truly repellent personality and a career as uncool as “computer programmer” it is best to let one’s Samoyed do as much of the talking as possible in any introduction.]

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