Republican Plot to Make Obama Look Like a Socialist

Dictionary: Socialism–Any of various theories or systems of social organization in which the means of producing and distributing goods is owned collectively or by a centralized government that often plans and controls the economy.

Yesterday’s New York Times: “the government is the nation’s biggest lender, insurer, automaker and guarantor against risk for investors large and small. … government spending accounts for a bigger share of the nation’s economy — 26 percent — than at any time since World War II. The government is financing 9 out of 10 new mortgages in the United States. … To Mr. Obama’s critics, thousands of whom took to the streets of Washington this weekend to protest a new era of big government, all these efforts are part of a plan to dismantle free-market capitalism.”

Who decided to print trillions of dollars and give them to banks? The Bush Administration. Who decided to print hundreds of billions of dollars and give them to AIG? The Bush Administration. Who decided not to tell General Motors and Chrysler to work out their problems in bankruptcy court like any other company not smart enough to recognize the implications of pension and health care guarantees (see While America Aged)? The Bush Administration started with the Detroit bailout.

A theory consistent with the facts is that King Bush II knew that the next president would be a Democrat, due to the endless depressing Iraq/Afghanistan war. He therefore intentionally wrecked the economy and then took over much of it in order to make the next administration look like socialists.

Going by the numbers and facts, an economic historian would have little choice but to classify the U.S. circa 2009 as a socialist nation. Government at all levels spends a greater percentage of GDP than does China’s (source), for example, and the government either directly owns or assumes financial risks for a lot of our largest enterprises. How did we get here? It was a Republican plot to make Obama look like a socialist, by the clever strategy of converting the U.S. into a fully socialist economy prior to January 20, 2009.

5 thoughts on “Republican Plot to Make Obama Look Like a Socialist

  1. I don’t think it was an attempt to make Obama look bad. I think it’s more that, these days, both parties think more government is the solution to all problems as long as the ‘right people’ are in charge. The Republicans occasionally pay lip service to being the party of smaller government, but they haven’t acted like it for a long time. At least the Democrats are honest about wanting to increase the size of government.

  2. Was the boom of the Clinton years caused by the Democratic president or the Republican congress? Was the crash of 2008 caused by the Republican president or the Democratic congress? Blame assignment for the US government is impossible. The problem exists regardless of how it was caused, and to fix it you have to pressure the people who have the power. Pick the target, freeze it, personalize, and polarize. Anyway, I’m remitting my pay cheques back to Canada.

  3. “The government is financing 9 out of 10 new mortgages in the United States.”

    Is that straight-up lending or just insuring the loan?

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