Why didn’t Christine Blasey Ford drive to Manchester, New Hampshire?

One oddity about the Christine Blasey Ford story is that she was so afraid of flying that the Senate hearing at which she testified needed to be delayed for most of a week so that she could drive from San Francisco to Washington, D.C. rather than fly as a Gulfstream or commercial airline passenger. (Also, if she were afraid to fly, why didn’t she take up the Senate committee’s offer to send staff members to her office or home in California, thus eliminating the need to travel at all?)

In some ways more peculiar, however, was her choice to fly from the Delaware/Maryland area up to Manchester, New Hampshire. We know that she did this because she stopped for a period of time at a hotel at the BWI airport for a polygraph test (source). It is only a 7-hour drive from BWI to Manchester compared to perhaps 4 hours to fly, including arriving at the airport early, getting screened by TSA, waiting for summer thunderstorms to clear, etc. Had she been returning to her family’s beach house at Rehoboth Beach (my inside sources tell me that they are actually in adjacent beer-soaked Dewey Beach, which Wikipedia confirms is “a magnet for partygoers in the summer months”), the savings from flying are even more minimal. BWI is a at least a 2.5-hour drive from Rehoboth. With no nearby airport offering commercial service, most Rehoboth residents don’t bother with regional airline flights and simply drive point-to-point instead.

So we are presented with someone who had a fear of flying severe enough to delay her appearance at the Senate and severe enough that she considered driving 6,000 miles round trip rather than endure an airline or Gulfstream ride. At the same time, this person voluntarily got on airliners to (and from?) Manchester, NH in the bumpiest month of the year to shave just a few hours off the door-to-door driving time.


3 thoughts on “Why didn’t Christine Blasey Ford drive to Manchester, New Hampshire?

  1. Why did Blasey Ford come to Manchester NH? to plot with hassan or shahean?
    Maggie Hassans ,Barbara Boxer etc intern caught doxxing GOP senators from hassans offiice computeer on capitol hill ,with passwords granted by her office to access sesitive information.
    No one is talking about this.
    I think Blassey ford and hasssan know each other

    I do not trust these feminazi lesbians senators/hillary(look at who’s in the circle all clintonista’) that assumed they would take power in 2016

  2. She is a manipulative idiot who tries to present herself as a neurotic cutie pie. There is very little of the actual fear of flying.

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