Making America Great with a German Helicopter

Democrats will debate tonight, presumably seeing whose empty unfunded promises can come closest to what Hugo Chavez promised voters.

What do Trump supporters have? At Oshkosh, we saw the Trump Chopper: Turning Washington Upside Down. What does it take to make (keep?) America Great? A Messerschmitt-Bölkow-Blohm Bo 105!

Everything is right-side up on one side and upside down on the other. This includes the tail number(!):

Watch the videos on The machine does aerobatics, just like the Red Bull BO-105.

18 thoughts on “Making America Great with a German Helicopter

    • Donald: my Facebook friends who say that Trump is running a Nazi-style jackbooted dictatorship also say that Americans should be disarmed so that they’ll have no way to make a last stand before being rounded up into the concentration camps.

  1. Speaking of disarming American, I have and never would I kill are hurt anyone, unless it self defense. I hope and pray everyday I won’t have to do that. I own 3 firearm’s. They are like my other tools, in my tool box. I use it when I need it. Hopefully I can go to my grave, never having to use any of my fire arms, in having to take another man’s life.I would rather have my fire arms and not need them, than need them and not have them. I WILL KEEP MY GUNS! I HAVE THAT RIGHT. Cops can’t pretect you. Only you can do that! I know a lot of Demacrates that feel the same way. Guns don’t kill! People do! What’s next? Ban people?.

    • I did not mean to argue for or against gun ownership, Gary. Just pointed out that it does not seem consistent for people who say that Donald Trump is a Hitler-style oppressor to also say that Americans should give up their Second Amendment rights.

  2. Heads up to “Anonymous” who criticized ‘Phillip’ for ‘writting’ supposed ‘crap to pay off [his] student debt’:
    Assuming you paid for an education of your own, you should demand your money back. Your teachers obviously never taught you the basics of how to spell properly… not even a simple word like: ‘writing’.
    In fact, it would appear as though you and President Cowardly Lyin’ might have attended the same schools!

    • My neighbors assured me, via their bumper stickers in 2016, that Love Trumps Hate. Yet the dream of unlimited love via Hillary’s presidency was not to be realized.

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