8 thoughts on “Live free AND die

  1. Another (perhaps even better?) example would be to show a New Hampshire helmetless motorcycle rider zipping down the interstate at 70 mph with nothing but the cool air between his grey matter and the tarmac. Motorcycle helmet laws – few things better encapsulate the conflict between personal liberty and societal desire to minimize harm/injury.

  2. Lies, damn lies, and statistics! How about this report from the MMWR and the CDC (my favorite journal for all sorts of macabre statistics): https://www.cdc.gov/mmwr/preview/mmwrhtml/mm6123a1.htm Certainly they feel differently than the authors you reference. And it’s more recent!

    Not sure of all the details of your reference, but it’s possible “saving lives” has less of an economic and societal impact than “minimizing morbidity.” So even if the number of lives saved may not be huge, there may be substantial savings with regard to morbidity. That brain injured motorcycle rider may still be alive, but he may also be a big drain on society.

    Which study do I believe? – The MMWR.

    And I still think a helmetless motorcycle rider from New Hampshire is a great example of Live Free And Die!

  3. I realize we have drifted from the initial topic, but interesting that New Hampshire, Illinois, and Iowa are the only states without any motorcycle helmet laws at all.

  4. Calif* is nothing but out of state plates as your tired weary masses pour in, yearning to be employed. New Hampshire is the most aggressive slogan of them all, but the reality is “Move to Calif* or die”.

    • Google saz California population grows is slowest in history and due to Mexican and Asian immigration. Number of Californians leaving the state had surpassed 160,000 last year.

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