California blackouts part of a Jewish holiday?

The Jewish holiday of Sukkot ended yesterday. If the California power blackouts also end, that will add evidence to my theory that someone at PG&E wanted to help Californians celebrate Sukkot, a big part of which involves eating outdoors by candlelight. Without a power cut, how many Californians would be motivated to evacuate their comfortable air-conditioned conveniently lighted homes?

From My Jewish Learning:

Another reason may be, that it should remind us of the long wanderings of our forefathers in the depths of the desert, when at every halting-place they spent many a year in tents. And indeed it is well in wealth to remember your poverty, in distinction your insignificance, in high offices your position as a commoner, in peace your dangers in war, on land the storms on sea, in cities the life of loneliness. For there is no pleasure greater than in high prosperity to call to mind old misfortunes.

Remembering the Less Fortunate
The last reason for sitting in the sukkah is my own, although I’m sure someone has said it before. By sitting in a flimsy sukkah, exposed to sun and wind (and in some places, rain and snow!), we are reminded of those less fortunate than ourselves. Precisely at harvest time when we thank God for the bounty he has given us, we must remember to share it with the poor and the hungry.

The world is more interesting when correlation does imply causation!

5 thoughts on “California blackouts part of a Jewish holiday?

  1. The only causation was PG&E’s $20 billion lawsuit was lowered to $11 billion after they shut off the power. After the lawsuit was settled, they didn’t have any more blackouts.

  2. Thanks for the info. Being a Christian in the Deep South I had never heard of Sukkot before. I certainly learn a lot reading your blog.

  3. Out here in California liberal politicians are constantly reminding us of the less fortunate. Wheatear it’s walking through homeless encampments or telling our children not to pick up drug needles off the ground we will never forget. Typhus is now almost as common in the streets as the rats are. The good news for us is our politicians have devised a solution for that. Ban rat poison. You can’t make this stuff up!

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