Why is the Gender Snowperson white?

Lexington, Massachusetts runs what is generally considered the best of the Boston-area public school systems (a task made slightly easier because the typical student there now is the child of Chinese-American PhDs). Unlike our suburb, when they want to build a gold-plated new school building they (a) do it with roughly 50 percent state money, and (b) do it in the parking lot or soccer field of the old school so that nobody has to move into trailers for three years.

Part of being the best: “Public School Uses ‘Gender Snowperson’ to Teach 9-Year-Olds Never to Assume Boys Have Penises” (Pluralist). The best comment: “Why is the snowman white?”

[How good are the best public schools in our state? A Chinese-American PhD friend who lives there says “Most of the teachers are bad.” Fortunately, no matter how bad they are at their job, the union contract guarantees them a paycheck through retirement!]


7 thoughts on “Why is the Gender Snowperson white?

    • Cannot teach kids anything useful. I assume the curriculum is not decided by the teacher, but at the school/district/state/federal level, leaving the teacher no leeway.

  1. “Trade unions are.. schools of communism.” — V.I. Lenin

    No one who actually read classics of communist ideology is surprised that unionized public schools became de-facto communist indoctrination centers. Lenin wrote quite a lot about the need “to get them young”. It is much harder to brainwash an adult.

  2. I think the primary reason must millennials and younger are Socialists are the public schools. Funny, when you start working and getting taxed, you become a Republican pretty quickly. Sadly, the Republicans are so focused on incarceration and military and creating a police state. I’m a libertarian.

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