Best Christmas gift ideas?

Who has good Christmas shopping ideas?

The most impressive book that I’ve seen, and one of the few that is a good argument for print, is a 1200-page Encyclopedia of Marine Mammals.

For the man who isn’t woke enough for Gillette and wants a higher-quality shave: Dorco Pace 7 razor. (see my comparison test)

For the nerd who has everything… and wants to back it up, a 16 TB hard drive (just recently available; progress in this area has been slow).

USB-C charger made compact thanks to GaN. (or for the car, since the car companies seem to be years behind on USB-C; or a power strip). Everything will charge much faster!

If the TBM is too slow and its payload too feeble: the newly certified Epic turboprop.

Readers: What are your ideas?

7 thoughts on “Best Christmas gift ideas?

  1. Powered bluetooth bookshelf speakers. Bought these on lark for 50% off. Surprisingly, the combination of: “good enough” sound + simple setup (built in amp) + convenience of bluetooth streaming from iPhone = they are getting listened to much more than my audiophile gear (which cost many, many times more).

  2. Not everything will charge faster, only devices that can take the full amount of power that this thing can deliver (30W), e.g. MacBooks. Your phone will charge at the same speed as the charger that came with it (or one with comparable specs). A laptop charger the size of a phone charger is nice but only if you have a USB-C charging laptop.

  3. While you still can, take the opportunity to apply for your MA License to Carry (LTC) Class A-Unrestricted firearms license. You’ll have to take an approved basic firearms safety course, submit the application, pay the applicable fees, etc., and wait up to three months while your background is checked, your fingerprints are processed, etc.

    It’s worth having the license. Give the process to yourself as a Christmas gift and bring someone else along with you.

    You absolutely want the LTC-A if your Chief of Police will issue them, because it is the only license category that allows you to carry a loaded firearm off your property. Some towns require a letter of “need” and/or and an interview before issuing an LTC-A, and some towns won’t issue them at all. If you ask about your town on

    you’ll find someone who can help, or just call the PD and ask for the firearms license officer with your questions for an LTC-A.

    Here’s the page for Lincoln. The forms and the course aren’t difficult to complete, you won’t have any trouble. They’re also not that expensive – the whole thing should cost under $400 even if the course you take is expensive. Hint: do a criminal background check on yourself before submitting the application. You must tell the truth when you apply, and be strict with yourself. If there’s a discrepancy anywhere in your history, it’s a serious matter.

    This might sound like a strange idea for a Christmas gift, but it really isn’t. You should at least have the license, because you can (and while you still can.)

    • Addendum: Since you fly, you will also want to inquire about a CT nonresident license *especially* the Multi-State Utah Nonresident CCW license. Massachusetts and Connecticut do not have license reciprocity, so even if you are squeaky clean in MA and you cross the CT border and get pulled over in a Tesla pickup truck with a firearm, you’re a felon. You are probably more aware than I am about the rules and regulations regarding carrying a firearm as a pilot, but the Utah license will give you the most flexibility you can currently get.

      Merry Christmas!

    • Addendum Addendum: Four Seasons firearms in Woburn is offering some great prices on ammo this holiday season. 250 round buckets of Blazer 9mm 115gr FMJ for $42.99! (17.2 cents each!) That’s enough 9mm ammo. to get you reasonably proficient after you get your license, assuming you buy a 9mm, which is a good place to start. FS has a very comprehensive set of new handgun offerings. H&K, FN, Sig Sauer, Springfield, etc. They don’t sell junk – they know their business and a lot of LEOs are customers. They’re right next to the police station in Woburn!

  4. We’re waiting for your review of the 1200 page encyclopedia, with lots of page scans. Wonder who would actually sit down & read such a thing unless they were extremely burned out of engineering. Biology used to be a science, but nowadays it’s more like a fine art while startups specializing in driving taxis & cooking veggi burgers are valuated as sciences.

    If corporate valuations reflect reality, Goog’s $12 trillion image recognition software should be able to identify any animal in a 1200 page encyclopedia.

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