California secedes from the union…

… according to

When looking for LAX to BOS: “Proof of return travel is often a requirement for one-way international flights like this. Please check with your destination country’s embassy to confirm their specific requirements. “

7 thoughts on “California secedes from the union…

  1. That is for a LAX->BOS flight – so it would imply that BOS wants to see your onward flight ticket, not LAX, hence Massachusetts has seceded.

    One could only hope.

  2. In California’s defense (?), Californians only grudgingly consider Los Angeles part of California. Perhaps it has seceded on its own.

  3. California is a sanctuary state. We do not believe in borders. Come one come all. Just don’t complain about the long wait for welfare in a state that encourages unlimited immigration!

    • I think the sign refers to a new building between the courthouse and City Hall. Given the virtuous sentiments expressed by citizens of Los Angeles, I’m sure that it will be a massive high-rise apartment building for those currently homeless as well as recent migrants.

    • Nothing but the best for our “unhoused neighbors” or “neighbors who are experience homelessness”. It costs around 645,000 dollars per unit to create permanent supportive housing in LA. (This does not include the cost of land!!!!) With around 100,000 homeless in LA that comes out to to around only 65 billion dollars to house the existing homeless. The recent arrivals sadly will have to wait longer. Even if we scrapped our new high speed rail (planned at 100 billion dollars from Fresno to Bakersfield) we would not even be able to house our “unhoused neighbors” in the the city of LA alone.

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