Samsung dryer drum cracked

The Samsung repair guy came into our pantry/laundry closet last week to fix the dryer. I cleared mountains of clutter away from the appliance, including 11 rolls of paper towels, 29 rolls of Charmin, 161 Ziploc bags, 33 squeeze bags of apple sauce, and a six-pack of individually packaged roasted chestnuts from China. I moved the quart of vanilla extract and the 3 lb. bag of walnuts that was resting on a pallet of Kirkland AA batteries. I slid the four tubes of Colgate back and asked if he needed a few of the ibuprofen pills from the yoked-together 500-pill bottles.

He said “Wow, I’ve never seen a household that was this well-stocked for a quarantine before.” I replied, “Quarantine? Those are just the leftovers from shopping at Costco in January, before we’d even heard of coronavirus.”

[For students of state-of-the-art appliances, this was an extra large gas dryer, 9.5 cu. ft. capacity, DV56H9100GW, purchased six years ago for $1,200. The theory was that we’d have to do laundry just one per week in our monster front-loading machines. In practice, we end up doing a lot of small loads and regular-sized machines would have worked just as well. Engineering the huge drum is apparently a challenge. The cracked drum generated a vibration, which took out some of the drive mechanism. The warranty period is two years and the cost of repairs is about $600, including two visits.]

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    • Tom: Not every meme presented on my blog is completely factual…. (though we do actually have enough vanilla extract in one Kirkland bottle to supply all of the neighbors!)

  1. We finally moved in our new house built after Hurricane Michael (Oct 10, 2018 -some dates we never forget!). The new Frigidaire side-by-side was delivered on Feb 2, inspected, and plugged in. When the freezer got down to zero the plastic inner liner split front-to-back along the holes for the wire shelves. Still waiting for a replacement after they sent the wrong model. Pro tip: REALLY inspect yours at delivery; your dealings after that are only with the manufacturer, not the local dealer.

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