Order that Oshkosh 2020 T-shirt now

EAA Airventure (“Oshkosh”) is canceled (press release).

Is it time to buy the Oshkosh 2020 T-shirts? Unlike with Tokyo 2020, they won’t rename next year’s event, I don’t think.

Ordinarily I don’t like T-shirts that feature airplanes I am not qualified to fly, but if the event is fictional maybe it is not so bad to implicitly claim fictional flying skills, e.g., with this P-40 Oshkosh 2020 shirt:

Or use a magic marker to update “Cleared Direct” to “Cleared to Cower in Place”?

Admittedly, Covid-19 is targeting the general aviation demographic. Of the 316 people killed by the evil virus in Wisconsin, the largest cluster is among those 90+:

Ninety is unfortunately close to the median age of single-engine piston aircraft pilots and perhaps younger than the expected age at completion of a homebuilt project…


2 thoughts on “Order that Oshkosh 2020 T-shirt now

  1. I am not surprised. With many people sleeping in college dorms and worse in tents with massive communal showers/bathrooms I couldn’t see the event happening. The good news is I expect our host Phil, to buy me dinner at Friar Tucks next year to celebrate the Trump victory over Biden/Harris.

  2. I would like to see tee shirts with the design on the back, too loud on the front.

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